Supersport Day 3 – A new STAR?

All riders were eager to get on track and why not, it was only the last few minutes they had before race day.

The 24-7 racers were first out on track. Myke apparently had run through his tyre allocation and as a result was not out to set flying lap times. That said, he finished the morning with a 1:16:43. His colleagues, Derry and Aishat, were not far apart with both finishing the session in the 1:25s. They will need to extract more from the bikes and riders to close the gap to the front runners. Although, no one ever won award for being the fastest in FPs, it is usually a good indicator for how close or far one is from challenging for the win. Lati, with qualifiers in mind, went out to see if he could better his time from FP4. He had a mechanical issue with his R6 and had to run FP3 with Ime’s bike, the GSXR600. He initially struggled to match his pace from yesterday but eventually found a really hot lap by doing a 1:11

flat. To put in perspective, no one on track including to the liter class ran a 1:11. His off at T1 2 laps later brought his session to a halt. Rider Ok.

With just two riders set to qualify, Kominati of Inferno and Lati of THR, would we see the established order disrupted or would the status quo remain intact.

Each rider had 10 flying laps after the out lap to set a time with the fastest being used. Kominati had to pit after his fourth flying lap due to his bottom fairing coming loose. His fastest time at that point was a 1:15:86 which puts in in P5, a spectacular performance considering he put in next to no practice.

Lati qualified in P2 with a 1:14:28 on his sixth run. The established order was well and truly disrupted. Could he be the real deal, can he sustain the blistering pace all race long. We should find out soon.

It is looking increasingly likely that this will be an eight-rider grid with Saheed and Archie unable to make it as at time of writing.

With all riders practicing their starts, it might just come down to who gets off the line the fastest as it promises to be quite interesting.

Is there one more twist to the BT 2019? Will Ahmed win this at a canter as usual or will he have to fend off Blow and Lati. Whatever the outcome, it looks like we will be treated to a special race. *Knock on wood*

Name Team Bike Time

Ahmed Alpacino Inferno racing Kawasaki Zx6R 1:11:97

Lati* ThrottleHead Yamaha YZF-R6 1:14:28

Blow CC racing Kawasaki ZX-6R 1:14:31

Myke Wheeler 24-7 Racing Honda CBR 600RR 1:15:55

Kominati** Inferno racing Kawasaki ZX-6R 1:15:86

Derry 24-7 Racing Honda CBR 600RR 1:18:33

Ime Peters Throttle Heads Suzuki GSXR 600 1:18:83

Flygirl 24-7 racing Honda CBR 600 1:22:36

Archie Inferno Racing Kawasaki ZX-6R 1:22:37

Saheed 24-7 racing Yamaha YZF-R6 1:24:31