Supersport – Day 2

It was a pretty lowkey session as the top riders were only on track for a few laps or not at all. New THR signing, Lati, was the rider to watch yesterday especially with the absence of the defending champion. After running about 10 laps on the S1000rr, he got on his R6 and was astonishingly running in the high 1:15s for three consecutive laps but ended the session – only 2 plus seconds from his time in the liter class. If this is a harbinger to what is to come, please serve us now. We eagerly awaited to see what he could do in qualifying after he confirmed he felt more at ease on his R6. Perhaps he will move the class next year but until then, we wait to see how he performs on Saturday. Certainly, one to watch out for. Ime struggled all session long with his fastest lap some 5 second

The 24-7 racing team, Myke, Derry and rookie of the year, Aisha all put in laps but from the looks of it, Myke wheeler is the man to watch from the 24-7.

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