Superbike FP2 – David Brown Tops timesheet

Thursday ushered in FP2 and what a session it was. Pole sitter, David Brown, laid the gauntlet down. With very hot laps, the rest of the grid struggled to keep up. 2018 pole sitter, Gbenga was closest with high 1:10s and low 1:11s. It was to get even more interesting with both out at the same time switching places to study where the other was stronger. With Gbenga happy to tuck behind David, he was able to do a 1:08 low in two consecutive laps.

Current Champion, Argo, said to be currently under the weather was running consistently in the mid 1:15s. Be fooled at your own peril. His race craft is almost superior to none. He will expect nothing more than at least a podium place and that is because he is not at a 100% physically.

Rookie, Lati, signed to Throttle Heads Racing was the surprise rider in the paddock. There was a bit of debate as to what class he should race. He looked at home in both classes. He went out on his Team principal’s S1000rr. His was consistently running mid 1:11s. With such pace, he was at least going to challenge for the podium with his more illustrious rivals. His team member, Sama, closed his session with a 1:10. Jaydee of 24-7 racing was on the Aprilia Tuono this year as his preferred bike, Kawasaki ZX10, was not available. It was clear he did not feel confident on the bike as he was lapping in the 1:18s.

There was a visible drop in pace during the evening sessions with the fastest lap in the 1:15 region. Was this due to the drop in track temperature, tyre wear or just poorer visibility is entirely not clear at this time. Interesting to point out that no rider was out for the entire race distance at a given go. Would this have any impact?

While the David of CC racing was faster than everyone on track. don’t go betting your house because, with him as a reference, Gbenga,was as fast. Great to see what the race strategy would be. Would he try and bolt to the front and run his race or….



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