Superbike Day 3

It was a good thing to see everyone out on track this morning albeit for shorter runs. Argo was the fastest of the lot this morning with a time of 1:11:80. Armstrong was 0.9 seconds behind and David a further 1.5 seconds behind. Babs best time was a 1:16:20. Interestingly enough, Babs is calling time out on his BT career. He will be remembered for his 2017 exploits where he finished 2nd runner up. What a year that was. All the best in your new endeavors.

A portion of the session was spent practicing race starts as we have a new mechanism for that now. Say goodbye to the Only flag race starts. David and Gbenga seems to have the starts locked.

Would we finally get a four-way battle for the win? Depends on who you asked but we asked Gbenga of BKG racing for his thoughts and predictions. He would very like to win the race that’s for sure. His plan A is to bolt to the front and get away. It is all the more harder coming from P5 and on a new machinery that he is still finding his best setting on but this is motorcycle racing. We alluded to his launch off the line potentially being the ace up his sleeve. Would it be enough to reel in David, Sama and Argo.

Battle of the champions part 3 is scheduled to start at 4pm (GMT +1) tomorrow.


Name                        Team                                  Bike                     Time

David                    CC racing                            BMW S1000rr       1:08:17

Sama*              Throttle Heads                       Kawasaki ZX10      1:10:61

Argo                      24-7 racing                            BMW S1000rr        1:11:03

JayDee                 24-7 racing                          Aprilia Tuono            1:11:76

Gbenga                BKG racing                          BMW S1000rr         1:12:24

Armstrong            CC Racing                            BMW S1000rr          1:13:20

AirBenda             Throttle Heads                      BMW S1000rr          1:13:35

B9*                     BKG racing                       Honda Fireblade        1:15:97

Manga              Inferno racing                       BMW S1000rr             1:16:17

Mustee             Torque racing                       BMW S1000rr             1:16:72

* Lap times set on Friday, 29th of November 2019

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